2007 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security:

Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Dependability

2007 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security:

Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Dependability

Wednesday May 16 and Thursday May 17

Holiday Inn Select BOSTON-WOBURN, Woburn, MA

About the Conference

This seventh the IEEE Conferences on Technologies for Homeland Security is a unique venue for the cross-fertilization between operational expertise; organizational requirements and novel technologies presented in more than 100 papers and posters focused on technology for security, efficiency, and reliability of our critical infrastructure.

Through plenary and breakout sessions, exhibits and special events, conference participants will:

  • Address the most pressing technical challenges

  • Identify the most critical knowledge gaps

  • Explore the application of advanced sensors, signal processors and networks, in transportation systems and other critical infrastructure

  • Understand opportunities for small businesses to work with government and large system integrators

  • Network with others involved in critical infrastructure issues


The seventh Conference is sponsored by the Boston Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the IEEE Critical Infrastructure Dependability Initiative and organized by the Boston Homeland Security Conferences Steering Committee, Len Long, MSEE, CPP, qp, Chair.

The conference, business panels and technical exhibits provides an ideal opportunity for developers and implementers of technologies, consultants, entrepreneurs and business funding sources interested in the security and critical infrastructure dependability marketplace to meet with governmental leaders and owners and operators of major private sector infrastructure.

Conference Focus

  • Technologies that can be instrumental in enhancing the security, efficiency and reliability of transportation, communications, power and other critical infrastructure

  • Unique venue for the cross-fertilization between operational expertise; governmental and other organizational requirements and novel technologies and technical solutions

Conference Program includes:

Welcome and Morning Plenary Sessions

The Conference will open with speakers from government and the private sector who can provide attendees with a broad operational and policy perspective:

  • Juliette Kayyem Undersecretary of Homeland Security, Commonwealth of MA

  • Jay Cohen (Admiral USN Ret.), Undersecretary for S&T, DHS - [Invited]

  • Ed Badolato (Col. US Marine Corps Ret.), former Deputy Secretary USDOE 

  • Dr. Curt Tompkins, Asst Secretary of U.S. Department of Transportation for the Research and Innovative Technology Administration, and Director John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

  • Dennis Treece (Col. US Army Ret.), Corporate Security Director Massport

Technical Invited Sessions

Speakers with a breath and depth of technical experience in:

Critical Infrastructure Reliability and Protection Issues:

  • Luis Kun, Ph.D., FAIMBE, FIEEE, Senior Research Professor of Homeland Security IRMC / National Defense University and Chairman Critical Infrastructure Committee IEEE-USA

  • Prof. Andrzej Stepnowski, former Vice-Rector for Research Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland and Director of Critical Infrastructure Laboratory-EU

  • Prof. George Markowsky University of Maine and Director Ayers Island Homeland Security Center and Principle Investigator Chernobyl Digital Library

Cargo and Maritime Security:

  • Capt. Tom Jones USCG, Commanding Officer US Coast Guard R&D Center

  • William Dunlop, Ph.D., Program Leader – Proliferation Prevention & Arms Control Program, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

  • Mario Saucier, Chief, Security Technology Transport Canada

  • Shipping Company/Port Operator {TBD}

Research and Development for Security

  • Capt. Tom Jones USCG, Commanding Officer US Coast Guard R&D Center

  • Col. Barry Shoop, Ph.D., Chief Scientist of the Joint In Explosive Devices Denial Office {JIEDDO}

  • Dr. Robert F. Weiss, Executive Vice President, Physical Sciences, Inc.

  • Col. David Lamp USAF,U.S. Joint Forces Command

The Conference also features:

  • Reception with Exhibits and Poster Session on the evening of the first day of the Conference

  • Two business panels:

Homeland Security Grant Funding Panel

  • Sandra J. Spinks, Regional Preparedness Officer, DHS FEMA Region 1, National Preparedness Division

  • Charlie Passanisi, Deputy Budget Director and Homeland Security, Grant Liaison, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

  • Sean Kirkendall, Cardinal Point Partners, LLC

Homeland Security Contracting Panel

  • Robert Brodesky, Director of Transportation and Security, URS

  • John Oliver, New England Sales Manager, NICE Systems Inc.

  • Roger Rueda, PSP, Senior Technical Consultant, Applied Risk Management, LLC

  • Michael Gibbons, ERTP Program Manager, Tetra Tech NUS, Inc.

author and final paper submission instructions

Authors can find instructions here.

Private sector companies, universities and other organizations support state and city agencies with the implementation of critical infrastructure protection technologies, programs, trainings and exercises. Panelists will discuss innovative approaches, contracting vehicles, and how they work with technology vendors in the homeland security market.

Contact Information

Questions for the Conference General Chairman, Len Long, should be sent to info@ieeehomelandsecurityconference.org

For other information on the conference please contact Robert Alongi at info@ieeehomelandsecurityconference.org 

More Information

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The IEEEs KIMAS ‘07 Conference is sponsoring an Advanced Technology Open House.  IEEE is inviting those interested in demonstrating and sharing capabilities related to artificial intelligence, natural language, intelligent decision support, knowledge management, steganography and grid computing to participate.

Similar events held in November, 2006 on the occasion of the completion of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Platform, provided a robust environment for information exchange between innovative, small companies.  Those relationships have continued due to the realized benefits of collaboration.  This Open House will provide another forum to discuss how to take advantage of the breakneck speed of technology advancements, leverage and manage knowledge and stand-up viable collaboration opportunities.  Now IEEE wishes to catalyze a broader collaborative environment to focus our “best and brightest” on solving “wicked hard” problems and grand challenges.

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