2007 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security:

Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Dependability

Program Agenda

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Continental Breakfast

7:00 AM – 4:30 PM Registration

8:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Welcome and Opening Plenary Session

Session Chairman: Lennart Long, Conference Chairman

Juliette Kayyem Undersecretary of Homeland Security, Commonwealth of MA

Dr. Curt Tompkins, Asst Secretary of U.S. Department of Transportation for the Research and Innovative Technology Administration, and Director John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Ed Badolato (Col. US Marine Corps Ret.), former Deputy Secretary USDOE 

Dennis Treece (Col. US Army Ret.), Corporate Security Director Massport

Capt. Tom Jones, USCG, US CG R&D Center

PSnet:  A Collaborative, Bottom-up Approach to Building a Regional Public Safety Network

George Fosque, Director Emergency Communications and 911, City of Cambridge, MA

10:30 – 11:00 AM

Networking and Coffee Break


11:00 – 12:00 Noon

Invited Session A:  Critical Infrastructure

Session Chairman: Ted Kochanski, Technical Program Chairman

Chernobyl: The Mother of All Dirty Bombs

Prof. George Markowsky University of Maine and Director Ayers Island Homeland Security Center and Principle Investigator Chernobyl Digital Library

Luis Kun, Ph.D., FAIMBE, FIEEE, Senior Research Professor of Homeland Security IRMC / National Defense University and Chairman Critical Infrastructure Committee IEEE-USA

11:00 – 12:00 Noon

Invited Session B:  Cargo Security

Session Chairman: Bill Baukus, American Science & Engineering

Bill Dunlop -LLNL, Canada-US Cargo Security Project

Capt. Tom Jones – USCG, US CG R&D Center

12:00 – 1:20 PM



1:20 – 3:20 PM

Tech Session 1:  Personnel & Baggage Screening / Vehicle Monitoring/ EDS

Session Chairperson: Karen Panetta, Tufts University

Fusion of X-ray Forwardscatter and Backscatter Imaging as an Aid to Detection

Baukus, Bill

Vehicle Identification Smart Sensor Web: An AI Approach to Screening for Intent

Donovan, Richard

Radiation Interrogation Using Signature Analysis for Detection of Chemical Explosives

Dunn, William L; Brewer, Rebecca; Loschke, Kyle; Lowrey, Justin

Automatic Visual Analysis for Transportation Security

Haering, Niels; Shafique, Khurram

A Pressured Tank Car Inspection System for Railroad Transportation Security

Womble, Phillip C.; Spadaro, J.;  Barzilov, A.;  Harper D.; Harrison, M.A.; Lemoff, B.; Martin, R.; Novikov, I.; Paschal, J.; Hopper, L.; Davenport, C.; Lodmell, J.

Millimeter Waves: The Evolving Scene

Howald, Robert L.

1:20 – 3:20 PM

Tech Session 2:  Support for Emergency Responders/Wireless

Session Chairman: Jerry Larocque, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

A Free Space Optics based Identification and Interrogation System

Ghosh, Anajn; Verma, P.; Cheng, S.; Venugopalan, A.

Measuring the Performance of Urban Search and Rescue Robots

Messina, Elena; Jacoff, Adam    

Microfabricated Chip for Calibration of Field Instruments

Moorman, Matthew W.; Robinson, Alex; Manginell, Ronald; Tappan, Alexander; Linker, Kevin

Requirements and System Architecture Design Consideration for First Responder Systems

Nahrstedt, Klara; Huang, Ying; He, Wenbo; Lee, Whay

Systems Engineering of Datacasting for Public Safety Vehicles

Valcourt, Scott; Chamberlin, Kent; McMahon, Benjamin; Kun, Andrew

MobileEmerGIS: a wireless-enabled technology platform to efficiently support field forces in protecting critical infrastructure

Wietfeld, Christian; Wolff, Andreas

Credential Authentication and Authorization for Critical Infrastructure Security

D'Agostino, Salvatore

1:20 – 3:20 PM

Tech Session 3:  Perimeter Protection & Intrusion Detection / CCTV

Session Chairman: Lennart Long

Video Content Analysis with Effective Response

Abrams, David

You've ID the suspect - do you shout or shoot? Less-Lethal Devices providing the continuum

Cecconi, Joe

Moving Objects Detection and Segmentation in Dynamic Video Backgrounds

Chen, C. H.; Zhang, Jiaming

Integrated Perimeter Security System

Hennin, Simon; Germana, Guy; Garcia, Len

Wide Area Intruder Detection System with a Pair of Transceiver Cables

Hirai, Takashi; Inomata, Kenji; Sumi, Kazuhiko; Tanaka, Kenichi

Use of Ultrawide Bandwidth Radar for Intrusion Detection

Meyerhoff, Norman

Video Performance Requirements for Tactical Video Applications

Pinson, Margaret H.; Wolf, Stephen; Stafford Robert B.

3:20 – 3:50 PM

Networking and Coffee Break


3:50 – 5:50 PM

Business Panel 1: Homeland Security Grant Funding

In FY07, over $3B in homeland security grant funds have been allocated for planning, equipment acquisitions, training and exercises. Panelists will discuss grant programs, funding requirements, and national, regional and sector priorities.

Session Chairperson: Karen Krause, MBA, Homeland Security Funding Specialist, PSSG

Sandra J. Spinks, Regional Preparedness Officer, DHS FEMA Region 1, National Preparedness Division

Charlie Passanisi, Deputy Budget Director and Homeland Security Grant Liaison, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Sean Kirkendall, Cardinal Point Partners, LLC. Mr. Kirkendall specializes in congressionally directed funding and public-private-academic partnerships

3:50 – 5:50 PM

Tech Session 4:  Situational Awareness and Data Fusion/Interoperability

Session Chairman: Gil Cooke

Data Interoperability Strategies for Conceptually-Similar Disparate Systems

Harman, Gregory

An Evaluation of eLoran as a Backup to GPS

Johnson, Gregory; Swaszek, Peter; Hartnett, Richard

Components of Continuous IT Availability & Disaster Tolerant Computing

Lawler, Chad; Harper, Michael; Thornton, Mitchell

Distributed Digital Radios and WLAN Interoperability

Michaelson, William; Matthews, James

Integrating e-Manifest with Public Sector Reporting Center for Enhanced Security

Moses, Thomas

Situational Awareness and the Massachusetts Interagency Video Information System

Piel, Carl-Henry; Bond, Russ; Morgan, Rebecca

Human-Centered Fusion Framework

Posse, Christian; White, Amanda

6:00 – 8:00 PM

Poster and Evening Reception (Free HORS D’OEUVRES)

Session Chairman: Fausto Molinet, Matrix Internationale

Forensic Application of Mass Spectrometry for Chemical Warfare Agent Surrogate Lifetimes on Building and Furniture Materials

Borek, Theodore; Alam, Todd M.; Derzon, Dora K

Imminent threats and security estimation on social relation graphs

Radoslaw Brendel and Henryk Krawczyk

Valley Forge Composite Technologies (VFCT)

Brothers, Louis

Advanced Interactive Simulation for Incident Preparedness in High-Risk Industries

Comtois, William

 TPLS: A Time and Power Based Localization Scheme for Indoor WLAN Using Sensor Networks

El Moutia, Abdallah; Makki, Kia

Solid-State Photo-Multipliers for Deployable Gamma-Ray Dosimeters

Johnson, Erik; Stapels, Christopher; Sia, Radia; Squillante, Michael; Entine, Gerald; Christian, James

Nationwide Vehicle Monitoring System

Kim, Byung G.; Heines, Jesse

An All-Digital Low-Power Structural Health Monitoring System

Kim, Jina; Grisso, Benjamin; Ha, Dong; Inman, Daniel

Protecting Networks With Strong Protection Against Rogue Insiders, Incorporation Multiple-Level Security, Enforced Compartmentalization and True Quantum Encryption

Leibholz, Stephen

Results From Application of Time Series Concept to Vehicle Gamma Count Profiles

Lo Presti, Charles; Milbrath, Brian; Tardiff, Mark; Hartley-McBride, Stacey

Wireless Orthogonal Sensor Networks for Homeland Security

Moss, Kyle; Barzilov, Alexander; Board, Jeremy; Harper, Doug; Hopper, Lindsay; Paschal, John; Womble, Phillip

Intelligent Video Applications for Homeland Security

Nusimow, Avi

Rhode Island Port Security Communications Network

Riendeau, John

GeoBoost - A Web 2.0 Framework for Real-time Location Intelligence

Rivard, Kurt 

Checkpoint Technology Developments: An Integrated Solution

Weller, Whit

A Mobile Criminal Identification System

Zou, Le; Cheng, Samuel; Lu, Mi; Castleman, Kenneth

 Passive Millimeter Wave Technology Strikes the Right Balance Between Security and Privacy

Nicholas, Paul E.

Protecting Boston’s Environment – PROBE

Squillante, Michael

Thursday, May 17, 2006

7:00 AM – 7:30 AM

Continental Breakfast

7:00 AM – 4:30 PM Registration


7:30 – 9:40 AM

Research and Development for Security

Session Chairman: Ted Kochanski, Technical Program Chairman

Bob Hooks, Director of Transition, Department of Homeland Security

Col. Barry Shoop, Ph.D., Chief Scientist of the Joint In Explosive Devices Denial Office {JIEDDO};

Dr. Robert F. Weiss, Executive Vice President, Physical Sciences, Inc., New England Innovation Alliance & PROBE Project

Col. David Lamp USAF,U.S. Joint Forces Command

9:40 – 10:00 AM

Networking and Coffee Break


10:00 AM – 12 Noon

Tech Session 5            WMD Detection & Recognition

Session Chairman: Ted Kochanski

Identification of AK-1 for protection against radiation damage or damage by dirty bombs and AK-2 for protection against a broad spectrum of viral infections or bio-terrorism

Wong, Grace

Perforated Semiconductor Neutron Detector Modules for Detection of Spontaneous Fission Neutrons

McGregor, Douglas; Bellinger, S.; Bruno, D.; Cowley, S.; Elazegui, M.; McNeil, W.J.; Patterson, E.; Rice, B.B.; Solomon, C.J.; Shultis, J.K.; Unruh, T.

Spectroscopic Plastic Scintillator Sensors for Detection of Illicit Nuclear and Radiological Material

Runkle, Robert, Ely, James; Anderson, Kevin; Bates, Derrick; Heasler, Pat; LoPresti, Chuck; Weier, Denny

Algorithm for Identification and Location of Gamma-Ray Sources using Distributed Sensor Network

Barzilov, Alex; Board, J.; Moss, K; Novikov, I.; Womble; P.

Improved Isotopic Identification for NaI Spectroscopic Portal Monitors Using the Materials Basis Set (MBS) Method"

Estep, Robert; Sapp, Benjamin

Fusing Heterogeneous Information for Integrated Nuclear Security

Borozdin, Konstantin; Fraser, Andrew; Hengartner, Nicolas; Priedhorsky, William

Sensitivity Improvement in Low-Profile Distributed Detector Systems for Tracking Sources in Transit

Vilim, Richard

10:00 AM – 12 Noon

Session 6:  Signal Processing HW/SW Algorithms Tech

Session Chairman: Andrezj Rucinsli, UNH

A Distributed Event-triggered Knowledge Sharing System for Agricultural Homeland Security

Su, Stanley; Degwekar, Seema; DePree, Jeff; Beck, Howard

Radical Agent-based Approach for Intelligence Analysis

Hexmoor, Henry; Rahimi, Shahram; McLaughlan, Brian

Decision Support for Mail Screening

Hoffeld, Ronald

Use of Pattern Recognition Techniques for Neutron-Based Threat Detection System

Novikov, Ivan; Barzilov, A.; Nichols, M.; Womble, P.C.

Toward Developing Genetic Algorithms to Aid in Critical Infrastructure Modeling

Permann, May Robin

Handling Motion in Surveillance using Coded Exposure Camera

Raskar, Ramesh; Agrawal, Amit

CAR: Coordinated Activation and Reporting for Energy-Efficient Target Intrusion Detection, Tracking, and Reporting in Wireless Sensor Networks

Vokkarane, Vinod; Jain, Deepti

10:00 AM – 12 Noon

Tech Session 7:  Infrastructure Protection & Monitoring / Food & Water

Session Chair: Jerry Larocque, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Bioluminescent Sensors for Onsite Non-specific Screening of Toxic Agents in Food and Water

Alocijia, Evangelyn

Canary B-Cell Sensor For Rapid, Sensitive Identification of Pathogens

Harper, James D

FNET: A Quickly Deployable and Economic System to Monitor the Electric Grid

Gardner, Matthew R. Liu, Yilu

Intelligent Monitoring for Contamination Events in the Drinking Water Supply

Kroll, Dan

Integrating Safety and Security Engineering for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Laracy, Joseph R.; Leveson, Nancy

A Laboratory for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Dependability

Rucinski, Andrzej; Kochanski, Thaddeus P.; Rucinska, Barbara; Spaanenburg, Henk; Shwaery, Glen

Development of an Experimental Prototype Multi-Modal Netted Sensor Fence for Homeland Defense and Border Integrity

Shi, Weiqun; Arabadjis, Gus; Bishop, Brett; Hill, Peter; Plasse, Rich

12:00 – 1:20 PM



1:20 – 3:20 PM

Tech Session 8:  Sensor Concepts and Basic Principles

Session Chairman: Ted Kochanski

A Modified Fluorescent Lamp for Discrete Biometric Surveillance

Cooley, John; Avestruz, Al-Thaddeus; Leeb, Steven

Project PLUTO Update: Robots, Wireless Sensors and Synthetic Reality in Support of Mine and Tunnel Safety and Security

Lebecki, Kazimierz; Kochanski, Thaddeus P.; Rucinski, Andrzej; Long, Lennart

A Review of Microfabricated Preconcentrators for Portable Chemical Analysis Systems

Manginell, Ronald; Adkins, Doug; Lewis, Pat; Byrnes, Joy; Moorman, Matthew; Porter, Daniel

A High Accuracy Miniature DMS-IMS Detector for Homeland Security Applications

Miller, Raanan; Nazarov, Erkinjon; Anderson, Andrew; Burchfield, David; Krylov, Evgeny

External Second-Gate Fourier Transform Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Tarver, Edward E.

Performance Evaluation of Chemical/Biological Detection Systems using Design of Experiments and ROC Curves

Uy, O. Manuel, Van Gieson, Eric; Wagner, Michael

1:20 – 3:20 PM

Tech Session 9:  Modeling and Simulation/Risk Assessment Tools /GIS

Session Chairman: Len Long

Boston Evacuation Analytic Model (BEAM) Emergency Preparedness Modeling and Simulation

Dreyer, John

Optimizing Critical Environment - Mission Possible

Godrich, Kfir

Dedicated Geographical Information System in the Context of Critical Infrastructure Protection

Kulawiak, Marcin, Demkowicz, Jerzy, Stepnowski, Andrej

An Integrated Simulation of Pandemic Influenza Evolution, Mitigation and Critical Infrastructure Response

LeClaire, Rene; Fair, J. M.; Wilson, M.L.; Turk, A.L.; DeLand, S.M.; Powell, D.R.; Klare, P.C.; Ewers, M. Izraelevitz, D

A Prototype Desktop Simulator of Critical Infrastructure Dynamics and Interdependency

LeClaire, Rene; Pasqualini, D; Powell, D.R.; Fair, J.M.

Managing Implementation Risks through Time-Behavior Analysis

Wasserman, Neil

1:20 – 3:20 PM

Session 10:  Ports and Maritime Tech

Session Chairman: John Conrad, Textron

An Integrated Framework for Assessing and Mitigating Risks to Maritime Critical Infrastructure

Adler, Richard; Fuller, Jeff

Waterside Surveillance and Security -- Radar Remains the Basic Tool

Cook, Roger; Wetmore, Rick

Passenger and Baggage Security Screening Challenges in Marine Mass Transit

Hoaglund, Robert

An Adaptive, Scalable and Self-Healing Sensor Network Architecture for Autonomous Coastal Environmental Monitoring

Suzuki, Junichi; Booonma, Pruet

C3D for Detection of Parasitic Attachments on Ship Hulls

Tidd, Rick

Results of Location Service Measurements for CCDS Applications

Zurek, Jerzy; Niskki, R; Katulski, R.J.; Stefanski, J.

3:20 – 3:50 PM

Networking and Coffee Break


3:50 – 5:50 PM

Business Panel 2:  Homeland Security Contracting

The private sector supports state and local agencies with the implementation of critical infrastructure protection technologies, programs, trainings and exercises. Panelists will discuss homeland security contracting trends and programs.

Session Chairperson: Karen Krause, MBA, Homeland Security Funding Specialist, PSSG

Robert Brodesky, Director of Transportation and Security, URS

John Oliver, New England Sales Manager, NICE Systems Inc.

Roger Rueda, PSP, Senior Technical Consultant, Applied Risk Management, LLC

Michael Gibbons, ERTP Program Manager, Tetra Tech NUS, Inc.

3:50 – 5:50 PM

Tech Session 11:  Networks and Systems Integration/Performance

Session Chairman: Gil Cooke

Configurable Sensor Networks: An Academic Experience Provides A Future Glimpse at Improved Infrastructure Safety and Security

Ferriere, Dale

A New Mechanism for Achieving Secure and Reliable Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks

Ma, Ruiping, Xing, Liudong; Michel, Howard

The Case for a National Preparedness Standard and Metric

Nagan, Douglas

Next Generation Communications Networks & Reliability of the Critical Infrastructures

O'Reilly, Gerard; Richman, Steven; Pant, Hisamshu

A Performance Comparison of Different Topologies for Wireless Sensor Networks

Shrestha, Akhilesh; Dasari, Vikram; Xing, Liudong

A Trans-Medial (Fixed-To-Mobile) Infrastructure To Coordinate Joint Capabilities Interdependently Across All Echelons

Wu, Vicky S.